David Lamignan Larsen (born Nov. 10th 1981)


David Lamignan Larsen is born to an Nigerian mother and a Norwegian father in 1981. He grew up in Norway until he, when 11 years old, moved to Gabon, West Africa in 1991. He moved back to Norway in 1997 because his father got ill. Sadly, his father passed away leaving a young confused 17 year old alone with his African mother. The reason this story is told like this, is because it has an important relevance to his art. He makes stories, as Nigerians are rhoumored to be great story tellers. His inspiration comes from his experience and researches, which are mostly based on the question "Where do I fit in?"

In Norway he experienced a lot of direct and indirect rascism. When in Africa (Nigeria or Gabon) he was looked upon as white.

"Where do I fit in?", with a twist of irony, humour and creativity inspired by how it is to be trapped in between 2 cultures, between West- Africa and Europe. His work is based on his experiences in real life and from personal research. Lamignan has also exhibited in different countries like Norway, Sweden, Germany and U.S.A.

Here is a site with his self selected works for you to share.

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